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Full synthetic motor oils out-perform conventional and synthetic blend motor oils in nearly all aspects of engine protection. Many full synthetics start with high-quality synthetic base oils combined with an additive formula that enables it to provide superior protection to reduce friction, better resist burn-off, oxidation, shear and sludge. This additive formula includes detergents, anti-wear agents, friction modifiers, dispersants, viscosity index improvers and antioxidants to help the engine run better and stay cleaner.

Synthetic base oil is manufactured with a process that makes it possible to manipulate the oil molecules. Oil molecules come in all shapes and sizes. In synthetic oil, the molecules are broken down and rebuilt to exact shapes and sizes to better resist chemical attack and oxidation.
At high temperatures, oil can also burn off, depleting the oil level and leaving behind thicker oil that drags on performance. Full synthetic motor oil resists burn-off much better than conventional motor oils.

Full synthetic motor oil also resists oil oxidation better than conventional oil. Oil oxidation occurs when blow-by gases, high temperatures and motor oil mix, this can lead to deposits that can cause reduced performance. Full synthetic motor oils help to prevent engine deposits that result in smoother oil flow and cleaner engine operation.

As motor oil travels through the engine, some of the additives can be sheared, literally cut in half, by high-speed engine parts, thinning the oil. Full synthetic motor oils may resist shear under heavy loads better than conventional oil. This helps synthetic motor oil maintain its viscosity grade, enabling it to offer better engine protection and withstand more extreme engine conditions.
Finally, sludge can form during low-temperature driving when water and fuel condense and mix with motor oil. This sticky mixture may block oil flow through the oil pump, oil passages and oil filter. Full synthetic motor oil is formulated to provide an extra level of sludge resistance, breaking up sludge-forming particles.

Courtesy of Pennzoil.

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